What We Do For YOU

O’Cavan Mental Health Industry Copywriters Help You Build Strong and Lasting Client Relationships, E-x-p-a-n-d Your Influence, and Swell Revenues

We’ll analyze your marketing strategy with you, provide remedies and boost your online sales to the next level. 

We’re Mental Health Marketers who provide:

  • Website Creation and SEO optimization to draw and communicate with clients
  • Practice marketing and growth through blogging, newsletters, and direct mail to build your client base
  • Website tools to simplify patient management

O’Cavan Mental Health Copywriters and Marketing Strategists Help You Schedule Seminars, Sell your Books and Build Your Brand.

Become a Household Name This Year for your Work, for your Program, or through your Book.  Watch Your Referrals and Sales Soar… !!

No matter what you do, you have to build a business to do it. As a caring therapist, your concerns start with your client’s needs. But to effectively provide the care and help that hurting people need, you have to be visible.  They need to be able to find you.  

That’s where good marketing comes in, through your website, your search engine ranking, your articles and your regular communication. You have a busy practice to give your attention to; we can take care of the rest. 

We specialize in:

  • SEO Content for Websites-(This is the place to start.  Ask us why.)
  • Detailed diagnostic website review and remediation
  • Social Media marketing through facebook, twitter, linkedin, tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest, and more…
  • Branding
  • Articles
  • Newsletters
  • Auto-Responders to build relationships between you and your clients. Since relationships are at the core of nearly every human transaction, let us help you improve and strengthen the ones you have through your business.
  • Direct Response promotions

**Please contact us with your needs and plans.  We’re here to help you develop and fulfill a strategy  to meet THEN EXCEED your business goals.

How’s your website working for you? Are you pleased with your revenues..? How would you like to see your revenues from books and services increase?  

Not a little….but a LOT!

If so, then stepping up your marketing plan will make the difference.  We can analyze your website for its effectiveness, because it should be ranked in the first few pages  of the search results and you should be receiving plenty of leads, referrals or sales from your website every month.  Our clients have consistently enjoyed revenue increases of 30%, 35% and even 40% from our optimizations of their websites.
We can help you find out what’s wrong.

And, we can help you fix it.  

Google has made some major changes in the last few years.  Not only are their algorithm changes targeted to reward fresh, relevant content, but they also want linking done a special way, and mobile-friendly websites.  That means that your content has to be improving and increasing all the time.

And your website needs to be easily viewed on any hand-held device. There have been scores of other changes, but all of them have been geared at giving their users a great experience. It’s hard to keep up with all of it, but you don’t have to…we’ll help you improve your content so that the search engines love it!

On the other hand, if your website is already ranked on the first page of the search results, and it gets plenty of traffic… but referrals or sales are still down,( or repeat sales just aren’t happening), you may need a more user-friendly website, with a more appealing format and visitor-benefit-oriented language. That’s what draws more people into your site to stay…and read… and learn more about you and your services…and decide to call you.  Or…maybe you just need ongoing communication with your prospects through auto-responders, newsletters, emails, case studies, and direct response promotions–all of which draw them back to your website to do what you want them to do…like call you for an appointment, pay for your seminar, or buy your book!

Research indicates that it takes somewhere between 7 and 12 exposures to a product or service before a prospect buys it. If that’s the case, one visit to your website may not do it.  There IS a need to get the prospect back to the website again and again.  

But how?

Auto-responders are the perfect solution.  Your prospective client receives them, reads them and is directed back to your website again and again.  Each time a person is brought back to your website, she gets more and more acquainted with you, gets to hear from you over and over, and after several exposures you seem to become a trusted friend.  

How much do YOU think that influences her decision to buy your book or schedule an appointment?

Those relationship-building communication tools are our specialty.

Just send us a message on our Contact page, and let’s talk.  There is no obligation…in fact, our initial consultation is free.

After all, that’s how you build a relationship.

Tell us what’s going on.  We can help.

O’Cavan’s Promise to You

We’re a tightly-knit group of 3 professional copywriters working hard for YOUR success. We provide you Three Times the Creativity, Three Times the Commitment to Solutions to YOUR business problems. Three perspectives for the price of ONE.

Three Heads and Shoulders above the rest!!  Email us today!



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“Cyndee….Two days after I uploaded your rewrite I got a new client … a billionaire!  No joke.  He said what he read really spoke to him … so he called to make an appointment. The fees he’s willing to pay will allow me to help many others … I’ll definitely need your services going forward!   Many thanks… ” M. O., Addiction Therapist