Direct Response Marketers

Direct Response Writing Services With Winning Results

If you’re looking for a direct response copywriter whose promotions cut through objections and win the sale, you’ve found her. If you’d like to work with someone who’s pleasant, congenial, and upbeat, deadline focused, once again, you’ve come to the right place.

I write promotions laser-targeted at your reader to grab his heart and squeeze it till it bleeds money. I’m a copywriter for mental health, alternative health, and nutraceuticals, and I love helping you connect with those who need what you offer. I love helping people live better lives. And helping you build your practice or business.

Direct response promotions aren’t just about word crafting. They’re about using words to dig deep into the Cyndee Davis Direct Response copywriter alternative healthreader’s mind and heart and snag his deepest pain and needs, deepest fears, and deepest hopes, and turn his attention fully onto a product that will deliver those hopes or banish those fears…  on a silver platter.

Truth be told, I was born with more than my share of empathy…which caused me some problems along the way, as stray pets and people crowded my life.  However, that quality empowers me to resonate with your target audience, and show them you feel what they’re feeling...and that you have the solution to their pain. Once they see that…FEEL that…they’re ready to pull out their wallets and ask how they can get their hands on what you offer.

For this powerful reason, I limit my copy to subjects that actually better the lives of readers. No snake oil, no useless widgets. I’ve been writing for mental health professionals and facilities for years, and continue to partner with you to promote treatment for those who need it.

I also write winning promotions for alternative health marketers to advance a healthier disease-prevention lifestyle, remedies for health issues, and ground-breaking nutraceuticals. That 30-something years in nursing serves me well in this field. A colleague recently made the point that writing copy and delivering it to the people to improve their health is a sacred mission, and I’m inclined to agree with him.


Contact me today and let’s talk about what my copywriting can do for your bottom line.