Marketing Promotion for Psychiatry Practices

Your Psychiatric Medical Practice is also a Business:

How to Turn Your “Half-Full” Practice into a Thriving, Growing

Mental Healing Center Brimming with New Possibilities

It can be discouraging. You’ve finished your medical training, and your residencies … and have set up your own practice.  But, where are the patients?  You need to pay your overhead, but there are just barely enough patients to pay the rent. How do you let the people who need psychiatric treatment know you’re here?

Or … Maybe you’ve moved to a new city, and are starting over building a new practice in this new location. Whether you’re in a densely populated urban area with dense competition, or a rural smaller town, they still need to know who you are and what you offer them.

You’ve probably been told to give it 2-5 years for your patient base to build; that it takes time.  Ok, you think, but I’ve been moonlighting all the way through my training…do I still have to keep moonlighting to keep my practice afloat?    

It’s just so disheartening.

I’m here to tell you it’s not hopeless.  Not even close.

My name is Cyndee Davis, and I’m a mental health copywriter and marketing consultant. And I can lead you through the process of getting your name – and your practice – in front of tons of people seeking psychiatric care. I provide marketing for psychiatrists to get you connected to the patients who need you.

With a marketing plan geared for physicians, and tailored to psychiatrists, your name begins to come up in front of those who need you, and strategic campaigns cause your prospective patients to feel like they know you. They see posts we’ve written in your name and they find it easy to relate to you.

Your phone begins to ring, and you have to resign from those moonlighting jobs so you’re available to see your patients in your own office.

Go home tired, but fulfilled.

After all, isn’t that why you went to medical school in the first place? Let professional mental health marketers build your business, so you can focus on your patients.  Sign up for our Launch Package Special Promotion and watch the phone ring.

Launch Package: 5899**

+ Website platform: 1800 – Fresh professional design, appointment page, includes loading all your videos, images, forms, and policies. Includes at least 10 pages, 5 of which are high level
+ Certified SEO content: 450/pg x 5 = 2250
Blog posts: 350 each, x 4 =1400 (then to add 1-4 / mo will be separate)
Social media optimized: 150
+ Added images we provide: 15/each (expect 25-30 plus 1/blog post) 450 +
+ Logo: 150 / Header: up to 250 – including letter head and transparencies
One year site security and hack clean-up: 29/mo x 12= 348

Services sold separately @ $6648, but:

Launch Package available for a limited time for $5899

Terms: 50% deposit (2949) and balance upon completion (2949) 4-6 wks later.

Extra content for SEO positioning: 350 ea. as needed
Referral Letters: 600 (to PCPs, School Counselors, Therapists in your area)
Mailing: 1000. / 500 letters
Social media: 400/mo
Link building: 375/mo.
Hosting – Hostgator 60/yr
Domain -11/yr x 4 (recommend approx. 4 other domain names to secure your business recognition)

**Prices subject to change without notice, so contact O’Cavan Marketing Solutions today. Email @ and tell me you saw this letter.

This is the 21st century, and you need a well – optimized website and a strong online presence. You may need a social media presence…  and/or connections with therapists and school counselors on Linkedin. Email me and let’s talk about what can be done to get you in front of your prospective patients within the budget you have to invest.

Marketing is a necessity for every business, including those in the medical medical field. There seems to be a psychiatrist on every corner in some urban areas. The competition is intense.

But with wise marketing tactics, you’ll see your practice grow and support itself, then thrive, so you can put your energy into helping your patients, who are the reason you’re here.

Email me at or and let’s get started, or just discuss your questions. Let’s work together to fill your schedule with hurting people who’re looking for a physician like you, so you can give them the healing treatment they need.

To your success,

Cyndee Davis


PS If your practice is a comfortable size, but you want to attract patients for a new service you’re offering, we’ll help with that, too. Email me and let’s put together a plan tailored to your needs.