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Appreciate Your Referrals!

Referred clients are our favorite type of client.  They come to us because someone told them our services would be a good fit for their needs, and their confidence in our services is already high. By the same token, we love having good specialized professionals that we can send people to, also.  When the need meets the specialist, everyone is happy.

**Our ideal client is a pleasant, down-to-earth and forward-thinking marketing director or business owner in the areas of mental health science and food manufacturing and service, whose annual sales exceed $5 million. This decision-maker appreciates the value of an optimized website for increasing conversions, and values the contributions of a professional web-oriented SEO copywriter and consultant, for improving his revenues and building client relationships.

We specialize in Website Analysis (Site Audits), website optimization, SEO content,  and relationship building tools such as auto-responders, emails, newsletters, case studies and articles.

We follow Pam Foster’s method for site audits and clear content, Heather Lloyd-Martin’s method for SEO optimization, and Jay White’s style for auto-responders; and are trained by American Writers and Artists, the premier organization for training copywriters.

If you know of clients who would benefit from our services, please email us at, and let us know.  Then, a mutual email to introduce us to the new prospect would be great to give us an open door.


Let Us Return the Favor!

In return, if you’ll please describe for us your ideal client, and give us your contact information/website, I’ll keep you on my referral list to refer those prospects I meet who may need your services.

I got this idea from Pam Foster’s program, Foster More Referrals, which she developed after reading the book, No More Cold Calling, by Joanne Black.

Let’s keep the referrals rolling forward!

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