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These are the Confessions of a Retired Nurse:

I want to tell you about

The Day Diabetes Almost Killed My Brother

… I’m sharing my story so you and your family don’t have to go through the horrible experience we did.

I’d just finished the dishes when I got the call. My brother Dan, who was 64, was lying in his driveway, conscious but unable to get up by himself. He’d been there over an hour, trying to wave down cars as they passed by on their way home from work.

A wave of panic gripped my throat. My older brother helpless? Unable to stand? To picture him like this was shocking. I couldn’t begin to imagine why this was happening. 10979099

I needed to find out who could help. I grabbed my purse, secured the pets, and jumped in the car.

Minutes were passing…

…and I’ve seen first-hand how each precious minute could be the last in a med- ical emergency. You see, I’m a retired nurse from Dallas,Texas. My name is Cheryl Brown and my brother’s name is Dan.

As soon as I heard what happened I suspected the reason why – he was likely suffering with one of a myriad of serious complications from diabetes, such as heart and blood pressure problems, and could die right there in his driveway if I didn’t act fast.

As a nurse, I saw my fair share of life-and-death emergencies … and I know that managing diabetes isn’t just about blood sugar spikes and crashes, tingly toes, pricking your finger, and watching your diet.

Unfortunately, it can be much, much worse – unexpected life-threatening emer- gencies that strike unannounced.

If you know this from personal experience then I urge you to stay with me here … because this video contains the most important information on treating diabetes you’ve ever seen.

And in the next few minutes, I’m going to prove to you that it’s not all bad news. If you or a loved one has diabetes, or even if you suspect you might, you’re going to discover how you can actually prevent and even reverse the course of this disease quickly and with less effort than you think.

Keep watching, and I’ll show you how…

Needless to say I was worried about Dan.

On the way to his house, I called back. My worry was relieved at least for now. Some neighbors finally saw Dan and helped him up and got him into his house.

Once I arrived, I found him sitting at his desk, shaken. My sister was there with our elderly mother and had made him some soup. Now that things had calmed down, it was time to figure out what happened … and why.

I watched my brother’s struggle with Type 2 diabetes for about 30 years and wanted to help.

But Dan is stubborn … thinking he can manage his condition all by himself – and didn’t readily accept my advice even though deep down, he knew he needed it.

I noticed his ankles were swollen and discolored. Made me wonder if that swelling was caused by his diabetes, his blood pressure, or his heart.

As I mentioned, Dan can be pretty gruff. He likes to be independent. Like a lot of folks, he takes questions as criticism, then he can get a little defensive. So I have to take great care with his feelings when I talk to him about his health.

But today was different. And as I tried to figure out his present condition, I was unnerved, and torn between being a nurse and being a good sister.

I soon understood there was no difference.

So I quickly mustered up the courage and asked him about his blood sugar test- ing kit. He said he hadn’t seen it in ten years. I asked him if this meant he hadn’t checked his blood sugar in ten years…? He nodded.

I was horrified…

My mouth went dry and I felt my throat closing. My head pounded with shock, fear, and rage. 10 years? He was insulin-dependent and injecting insulin with- out checking his blood sugar? How did he know how much to inject from one time to the next? What about the damage that was being done to his body? I was flabbergasted. How had he lived this long?

I wanted him to go to the ER to be seen. But his pride and ego got in the way and he refused.

But why? Why did he resist the care that would stabilize his health? I knew he wasn’t a fan of doctors, but this felt like a real emergency.

I mean, he has children to think about. His older kids were grown now with fami- lies of their own, but his youngest … an 8-year-old? What would that little boy’s life be like without a father? Without his dad’s encouragement and support? What about his grandchildren? How could he be so ignorant? How could he take such a risk at the expense of those who love him?

My mother’s face revealed she was sick with worry. I wasn’t sure she was re- silient enough to endure losing him. Bottom line…

I wondered if my brother was dying before our eyes …

Dan insisted he was fine and sent us home. He wouldn’t go to the hospital… He’d always respected my nursing experience, but he didn’t want to get poked and prodded by “some guy in a white lab coat” he didn’t know.

History taught us that it was pointless to argue with Dan. So we went home. But I kept my cell phone close by – fully expecting what happened next…

I hadn’t heard anything so the next morning, I checked in.

Well, Dan had fallen out of bed and was on the floor for seven hours. I rushed back to his house, realizing there was more going on than we could solve with a bowl of soup. This time, my brother was in serious danger.

I was sad and hurt that he refused to go to the hospital the night before. But a greater part of me was furious with Dan.

So I decided to use that anger to save his life when I headed back…

I was prepared to fight him if necessary;
he was going to the hospital whether he wanted to or not…

When I arrived I called 911 to get him to the hospital by ambulance. He was un- able to walk – in fact, he was unable to control his body much at all. He admitted this was the third time he’d fallen out of bed in the last week.

He asked me to help him stand up… which was impossible. All he could do was reach out his arm, but seemed to have little or no muscle strength to lift his own

body. He weighed around 250 pounds and I couldn’t possibly lift all that dead weight by myself. This man – my brother – who was once hearty and strong …

was now weak and completely helpless. Sadness poured over me like a torren- tial rain.

He was lying on the floor powerless … humiliated … and in real trouble.

Even the paramedics struggled to get him off the floor. But, with one in front of him and one behind they managed to get him on his feet. I could see in his eyes he wasn’t “all there.” And he clearly wasn’t stable enough to stand alone.

Once they got him onto the stretcher, they rushed him to the hospital.

I followed – and his 8-year-old son went home with grandma.

In my 35 years as a registered nurse, I saw a lot of bad things related to dia- betes. Yet somehow this seemed different. I tried to remember anything from my training that would give us a clue what was happening to Dan.

And I wasn’t the only baffled one. The doctors were confused as well. They stood in the hall conferring about my brother’s deteriorating condition – the way they did on Grey’s Anatomy or ER. But this wasn’t a TV show. It was real.

I was feeling sick with guilt. I had let his stubbornness get in the way of helping Dan with his health. This is how I left the hospital that day – full of a mixture of grief, guilt, and anger.

But it gets worse…

The following day, I went to the hospital in time to find out my brother had just been revived after staff found him blue and unconscious on his bed. He was in respiratory failure.

And it became clear…

If I’d let him talk me out of getting him to the hospital just one more day, Dan would have died at home

My mother … all of us … plunged into deep grief … the horrific thoughts of our family without Dan. My little 8 year-old nephew facing life without his dad. My brother’s grandchildren
would never really get to

know him. My own brother … gone.

But the most haunting of all thoughts was: it could have been prevented.

He’d been revived with a
medicated mist. It helped him function again … but just barely.

The doctors discovered that Dan’s blood pressure and heart were fine. All this was caused by a huge infection in his lower limbs – a consequence of blindly tak- ing insulin while failing to test his blood sugar.

On Dan’s right side, the infection included his entire leg, from hip to toes. Swollen to three times their normal size.

That’s why he couldn’t walk.

And then the doctor told me the reason the infection was so serious: because of the glucose in his blood. It was giving those bacteria a feast. And that terrible in- fection had led to respiratory arrest. Basically, in simple terms, diabetes had al- most killed my brother that day.

I felt so helpless, so shocked.
I was sick with guilt that I hadn’t kept a closer eye on him.

Suddenly I completely understood the burden of loving someone with diabetes.

Over the following weeks I found out Dan had lost all the savings he’d built up for his future.

He didn’t even have the money to pay for health insurance. He had no idea how to take care of himself without the finances to pay for insurance and deductibles.

Plus, in his case, managing his diabetes meant dealing with doctors he didn’t like or trust. So he gave up trying. 6024793

For ten years or more he just lived his life. Ignoring his symptoms, taking his in- sulin, and hoping for the best. He didn’t know what else to do. He felt vulnerable. Defenseless. Humiliated. And it never occurred to him there might be alternatives to letting the disease run rampant and do its damage.

Thankfully, his life was spared. He’s been given a second chance and has finally changed his damaging lifestyle.

He checks his blood sugar a few times every day. He eats only diabetes-friendly meals, and is focused on managing his diabetes naturally. And is enjoying a bet- ter, healthier life.

But Dan was lucky – stood face-to-face with death and lived to tell about it… that’s why I’m telling you all this.

If Dan had known how to manage his diabetes even just a couple years ago he could have taken proactive steps and would not have gotten so sick. If he’d only known about natural remedies that reverse diabetes earlier, he’d have been em- powered to save himself long before he collapsed in the driveway that day.

Which brings me to a very serious question for you…
Are you ever a little “easy-going” about treating your diabetes?

If you rely on insulin shots, oral medication, and blood sugar testing to treat your diabetes – or love someone who does – and are a little “loose” with those treat- ments … and even if you’re a stickler who’s always on top of your disease and its symptoms – please pay attention.

Because even if you do everything “by the medical book” you’re still at risk for dangerous side-effects from medications (I’ll explain these further in just a mo- ment) and no matter how hard you try – you will never cure your diabetes fol- lowing the low standards of modern medicine.

That’s because modern medicine was never intended to cure you. You will be on your meds for the rest of your life.

That said, I have to admit something to you right now that may come as a sur- prise:

What I’m about to reveal to you is not some magic “cure”. But it’s helped thousands of people all over the world reverse type 2 diabetes AND stop taking their medications … in 30 days or less

With some really simple adjustments to your lifestyle and your eating habits, you could reverse your diabetes, its effects on your body, and even the side effects of

medications you’ve been taking to treat it.

And if you think diabetes isn’t relevant to you or your family… think again. There are few families who haven’t been affected by this malicious multi-dimensional disease. This disease has become more and more rampant, made worse by the lifestyles of Americans across every socio-economic level, and most extended families have at least one member who is suffering from the effects of it. In my own family, among three generations there are four with diabetes: One person with Type 1, and three people with Type 2. Examine your own extended family, and see what you find.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 29 million people in the US alone have diabetes. 1.7 million were newly diagnosed in 2012. World- wide, diabetes is estimated to kill 3.4 million people every year. That’s 3.4 million mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and children. And that’s just where diabetes is listed as the cause of death. What’s worse, there are many ways to die from this disease with its laundry-list of deadly complications.

I’m sure you’ve heard statistics like these before, but if you’re like me, even with my nursing background, numbers like these don’t really feel real.

At least not until something horrible happens – like with my brother Dan.

But, I’ll tell you this: that nightmare has put me on a mission.

I don’t want this to happen to you or your family. I was terrified that day as death loomed over my brother, and I hope that by sharing my fear with you, it will move

you to action so your family doesn’t experience what I went through.

Because there are easy and simple things you can do today without ever having to visit a hospital. In fact, you can reverse your diabetes at home in as little as 4 weeks.

But… if you ignore it … well … you’ve heard my story…

You hear about heart attacks and strokes, but you need to understand that dia- betes can trigger these events even if you’re doing everything you’re supposed to in managing it.

If you don’t make some changes … and follow the following positive path for health and vibrant living, you’ll fall into the negative dump of debilitating disease and death.


Diabetes can interrupt or destroy your life in so many ways as it erases your body’s natural healing systems

In a moment, I’ll give you specific tips on how to reverse diabetes naturally. First let me make clear exactly what you’re up against…

Picture yourself … attending a symphony, or watching a ball game. Suddenly, you topple over, and no one knows why. Your spouse shouts for an ambulance,

frantic to save you. But it’s too late. You’re gone. Dead. Without warning.

You’ve just suffered something called “Sudden Cardiac Death.”

Were your affairs in order … did you cover your family with life insurance … put away enough money to bury you and live off of?

Have you shown them how to carry on without you?

In a split-second none of that will matter. Once your heart stops … once they “call it” and record your time of death – your family’s on their own. .

They’re left with crippling shock and grief. Not to mention your pile of medical bills to sort through.

You tell yourself it won’t happen to you. No – that’s only what happens to “the other guys.”

But if you have diabetes, you could be next in line…

The good news is you can do things today to prevent this nightmare — and start reversing your diabetes!

Death comes with diabetes because of the damaging effects to your body. Specifically – uncontrolled blood sugar because you’re doing nothing with med- ications to treat the root cause of diabetes.

But there are simple and easily manageable ways to understand and attack the root cause in order to reverse this disease and prevent its horrific outcomes from ever beating you down.

For instance, let me share one quick tip with you right now that will start normaliz- ing your blood sugar and get you on the road to reversing the diabetes in your body TODAY.

Write this down: Chromium picolinate.
Inexpensive. Available anywhere. Over-the-counter. Pick up a bottle and start

taking 400mcg daily. Then check your blood sugar as you normally would.

By helping your insulin carry glucose out of the bloodstream and into your cells, Chromium helps your body make energy from glucose. And by doing that, it lowers your blood sug- ar. Your energy shoots up, and you begin to feel better.

You see, people with diabetes and pre-diabetes have a chromium defi- ciency.

Important to know, if chromium helps balance blood sugar, don’t you think?

James Duke PhD, a researcher who wrote The Green Pharmacy Guide to Heal- ing Foods, analyzed several studies about chromium and diabetes a few years ago. He found it improves A1C results in people with Type 2 diabetes by 0.6%.— that’s a significant reduction.

Another study in 2006 by a research group from the University of Vermont, stud- ied the effects of chromium in people with Type 2 diabetes who took the medica- tion glipizide. After taking chromium picolinate for 24 weeks, they found a reduc- tion in A1C of 1.13%. Even better.

With diabetes, your doctor should be testing your A1C level every 3 months. This test measures how tightly your blood sugars are controlled in that 3-month peri- od.

The higher the A1C number the poorer the control. So chromium lowers your A1C, lets YOU control your blood sugar, and helps begin the process of revers- ing type 2 diabetes. Dandy little supplement, isn’t it? It’s that easy.

Now that’s just one example of the many tips I have to share with you today.

Next, I’d like to show you how using a little more of a certain spice you may al- ready have in your kitchen can provide you with the second step to start revers- ing your diabetes and its serious effects before you go to sleep tonight…

Best of all, the information I’m sharing with you has helped people no matter if they’ve just been diagnosed or had type 2 diabetes for decades.

Because …

Your body is programmed to heal itself – you just have to give it what it naturally needs to do it

In just a moment, you’ll see what that certain spice is you may already have – or can easily get at most grocery stores…

First I need to address another dangerous symptom of diabetes that is commonly overlooked by most people with diabetes.

Ever have difficulty urinating?
It may not be just another bladder infection…

If you’ve ever noticed your urine turning from yellow to amber … or appearing brownish. If your ankles are swelling and seem to get bigger by the day. If they hurt, and it’s hard to walk. You feel achy, exhausted, and worn out take caution … your kidneys may be failing.

How could this happen?


called diabetic nephropathy. It’s the direct result of your diabetes. The delicate inner tissue of your kidneys begins to thicken and eventually – it scars.


Because elevated sugars are constantly being filtered by your kidneys through your blood.

Could your kidneys really wear out from all that sugar in your blood?

You betcha.

But you don’t have any symptoms … your urine is clear and your ankles are slim?

Unfortunately you’re not safe.
There may be no symptoms of this damage at all. Kidney failure can begin

quietly and undetected 5 – 10 years before you see a single symptom.

And once you see the signs, it could be too late. That means visiting a dialysis center three times a week so they can hook you up to a machine, by-pass your

kidneys, and filter your blood for you.

The whole process takes about 4 hours.

Because the truth is, the filtering days for your kidneys are over.

That’s bad enough – losing all that time every week. But there are immediate side-effects of dialysis that go beyond loss of time.

Your blood pressure could drop dangerously low, nausea and vomiting, dry, itchy skin, muscle cramps, and restless leg syndrome have all been reported as the most common problems associated with dialysis.

Plus because of plummeting energy levels, you just won’t have the stamina to contribute much to your family at all.

It doesn’t end there. If you end up with diabetic kidney disease, heart disease is likely the next storm. Your heart will probably stop before your kidney disease even runs its full course. Heart disease combined with kidney disease is a lethal combination.

This scenario is awful, I know. But I’m telling you the truth to save your life.

As a registered nurse with over 35 years in practice, I know the secret … and it’s so simple. You must know how to manage and control your blood sugar. You can control it by checking it many times a day then injecting insulin to keep it stable…


You can follow a simple system that gives you all the tools you need to re- verse your diabetes FAST.

And it’s just not that hard.

Remember the spice I mentioned earlier?

This spice is practically everyone’s favorite – cinnamon!

Cinnamon has been proven to help you metabolize glucose, avoid, and even prime your body to repair the damage to your cells when your blood sugar level is high. It also lowers cholesterol and in so doing, it helps prevent heart dis- ease… coming up, you’ll learn more about cinnamon that makes big changes possible.

Take it daily and watch your blood sugars balance out at last.

But a fair warning: check your blood sugar often – to be sure it doesn’t go too low. This stuff really works.

Still, if you’re diabetic, and you stay on the path you’re on now with blood sugar highs and lows, diabetes medications with their side effects, and fighting your quarterly A1C, any or all of these disastrous complications may await you… like diseases of your heart, kidneys, and eyes…

Speaking of eyes – our eyesight is precious.
We never realize how much we rely on our eyesight until it’s gone…

What would your life be like if you lost your sight to diabetic retinopathy? How would you earn a living to provide for your family? How would you get around if you couldn’t see to drive?

The fact is, the leading cause of blindness in American adults is diabetes, ac- cording to the National Eye Institute.

Eye diseases like retinopathy, cataracts, and glaucoma, are looming dangers for people with diabetes and can leave you barely able to see at best. What’s worse is complete blindness.

Are you prepared to start your life over at your age without your sight or would you like to know the natural secrets that can reverse this condition so you can start your life over without diabetes?

Ok, so there’s lots of negative news about diabetes. But there’s also hope. Huge hope…

I found out there’s a way to avoid all these dangers and life-threatening risks. A way to live well and joyfully, in great health. It involves a series of easy steps and informed choices that will reverse diabetes altogether.

When I first got this information, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical … but when I started using it…!
But wait…I’m getting ahead of myself.

So … I get it – changing is hard – especially at our age…
But if you start taking little steps today, you’ll be amazed at how far you can go

and what a difference it will make for you.

The scare with my brother motivated me to start checking my blood sugar. And unfortunately, I discovered it was higher than normal. Sometimes 130-140. I knew Type 2 diabetes runs in families, and it looked like I might be pre-diabetic. So I knew I was headed for serious trouble.

That’s when I decided that I would never end up stuck lying flat on my back in MY driveway … or being glued to the floor next to my bed for 7 hours like Dan, God bless him…

I began doing some serious research. The information I discovered suggested some great foods to eat, and some that I didn’t care much for at all. A good ex- ample of the latter is Brussels sprouts.

Now I’ve always hated Brussels sprouts with a passion – since I was a kid. Bitter, terrible-tasting, wretched little cabbages. I didn’t even consider them food. At all.

But Brussels sprouts are part of the cruciferous family which includes bok choy, cauliflower, and broccoli…

These particular vegetables burn midriff fat.

YES! They work to reduce your waist size! Well, like most pre-diabetics, I carry weight around my middle, and the idea of eating something that would reduce it was irresistible.

So… I revisited my most feared veggie….

Eureka!! I discovered that by removing the bitter outer leaves, and sautéing them in coconut oil, Brussels sprouts are actually delicious! Who knew? I eat them several times a week now.

Baby bok choy is delicious cooked in a similar way, or drizzled with olive oil and balsamic or red wine vinegar and roasted in the oven.

Sometimes things that we think are hard to do or seem impossible based on our historic behaviors, aren’t so bad after all. All you have to do is try – and isn’t your life worth trying a few things you might not normally do?

Of course it is … and in just a moment, you’re going to have the opportunity to try something that has been proven to reverse diabetes – it’s even guaranteed to

But first I bet…

You’re wondering where I found this information about how to finally

reverse diabetes for good

You don’t have to see a doctor – although in just 30 days, your astounded doctor might just give you his blessing to get off your meds.

You don’t have to see a nutritionist. And you definitely don’t have to end up in the hospital. In fact, you can stay right there in your chair and get what you need to start reversing diabetes right now.

I promised I would tell you how to get your hands on a grocery list packed with all these delicious and healthy foods that are scientifically proven to reduce blood sugar, reverse type 2 diabetes, reduce cholesterol, and lower blood pressure.

Along with that list, I’d like to give you a cookbook of mouth-watering recipes you can prepare quickly and easily with these foods.

But that’s not enough … you’ll also need to have guidance. Expert medical guid- ance provided by the authority on reversing diabetes without drugs – Dr. Scott Saunders.

You see, I found a lot more than diabetes-destroying veggies when I did my re- search that day.

I found Barton Publishing and their system for this safe, gentle, and best of all – super-fast way to reverse diabetes once and for all…

(barton logo here)

The system is called the Diabetes Solution Kit by Barton Publishing

Since 2004, Joe Barton and his team at Barton Publishing have been focused and committed to publishing the latest, most up-to-date medical and nutritional research to provide easy-to-apply strategies for people like you and me.

They’re dedicated to readers who suffer from chronic diseases and miseries that can be healed by natural, home remedies without harsh pharmaceuticals and without the ex- pense of prescriptions, doctors, or hospitals.

In short, Barton Publishing puts control of your health back into your hands, where it be- longs.

With your health in mind, Barton published The Diabetes Solution Kit that has already reversed type 2 diabetes for thousands of people all over the world.

The natural remedies in this Kit work by treating the root cause of diabetes rather than just treating the symptoms like so many pharmaceutical non-cures do.

Following the program contained in the Diabetes Solution Kit means you no longer have to rely on your doctor to manage your illness.

No longer do you have to be confused or worried about your symptoms … and which day will be your last.

Bottom line – you really CAN reverse this disease and feel healthy, happy, and hopping with energy.

This solution is for you if you’re looking for powerful remedies that really work, backed by real science. Best of all this proven program is easy to understand, easy to follow, and designed to lead you step by step through the process of reversing your diabetes.

And you don’t have to be suffering with full-out diabetes to get the complete benefits of this total health system. This also works to prevent diabetes in the first place. It’s really

a total health package that just makes good sense for everyone to use.

Let the done-for-you system in the Diabetes So- lution Kit show you exactly what to give your body to literally switch on the healing powers that were built into it so you can finally begin to get better.

In a few moments, you’ll see how Barton’s Dia- betes Solution Kit contains all the tools you need to free you from the hassle of 5, 7, or more daily blood sugar tests, the painful finger pricks, and gut-jabbing insulin shots that go with them.

With the Diabetes Solution Kit YOU are in con- trol. YOU have the power to reduce YOUR risk of ALL the deadly diabetic problems we’ve been talking about: sudden cardiac death, stroke, high blood pressure and vascular disease, neuropa- thy, eye disease, kidney disease and dialysis, and terrible infections that don’t respond to an- tibiotics.

When you finally decide you’ve had enough you’re ready to…

Get your Diabetes Solution Kit, and reverse your diabetes so you never have to live in fear of these horrible afflictions ever again

You’ll discover scientific medical research and proven methods that are completely transforming diabetes treatment – and embarrassing Big Pharma and the Mainstream Medical Community.

Dr Dave Woynarowski is a Pennsylvania internist considered by many to be the world’s top anti-aging doctor. A recipient of the prestigious Physician of the Year Award by the President’s Committee on Health Care Reform, he also authored the best-selling book, The Immortality Edge. Here’s what he had to say when he learned of The Diabetes So- lution Kit from Barton Publishing:

“Finally someone has put together a simple, easy-to-understand, comprehensive guide on diabetes. Since we are in the midst of an obesity and diabetic epidemic this book could not be more timely. Everyone should read for the simple reason that diabetes has become a lifestyle problem more than a disease. This means that ANYONE can get diabetes if they aren’t careful! I wholeheartedly endorse this book and thank you, Joe, for bringing this vital information to the public!”

Wow – that’s an incredible assessment – thank you Dr. Woynarowski!

The Diabetes Solution Kit helps you choose delicious foods you can eat to re- duce and balance blood sugars and reduce weight to balance your metabolism.

It’s a collection of 6 reports, each written to make this process as easy as possi- ble – a done-for-you solution that you’ll actually enjoy using. And it’s almost laughably easy for you to work it into your daily routine. This Kit also provides answers to the most commonly asked questions about diabetes and shows you how to kick it to the curb!

Discover how to choose specific crunchy, flavorful, fresh vegetables … PLUS the best meat, poultry, and fish … you’ll finally be able to control your blood sugar while super-fueling your body.

Here’s everything included with your Diabetes Solution Kit:

• The Diabetes Reversal Resource Guide which will show you how to reverse this disease and why it’s so important to do it, now. It will show you the 3 types

of diabetes which are Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, and Pre-Diabetes, and how this plan can help YOU, no matter which you have. It explains what blood sugar values mean, and explains Syndrome X or Metabolic Syndrome, and how you can determine if you may have this super high-risk condition . It leads you through lab work you should consider having done, and helps you learn more about the use of your meter than you may already know. For in- stance, did you know that if your blood sugar is a bit elevated, you can eat some cold water salmon to bring it down? That’s without drugs, exercise, or supplements in most cases. There are so many great tips and ideas to discover and put to use…

  • You’ll also receive the report, Natural Remedies for Diabetes. You’ll be amazed when you see the everyday mineral and herb supplements, as well as certain common foods, that stabilize your blood sugar, reduce insulin resis- tance, help the cells to receive insulin and glucose, clear plaque from your ves- sels, and reduce your weight. AND…by doing so, reverse diabetes plus other dangerous diseases that often come with it.
  • In The Low Blood Sugar Cookbook, you’ll get delicious, quick recipes for preparing a wide variety of mouth-watering meals to get you started on this new diabetes-reversing lifestyle. You’ll be amazed like I was at how satisfying the right foods are, and how your cravings for sugary and high carb foods dis- appear.
  • And you’ll get a Carb Counting Cheat Sheet giving you two pages of foods listed in 15g servings, to help you count carbs effectively, and eat smart without pushing up your blood sugar. This is an easy reference companion to the meal and exercise planner that you can stick on your fridge for everyday better eat- ing.• Your Personal Meal and Exercise Planner shows you the best way to count carbs in your meal planning. Plus determine what’s working (and what’s not) with your meal planning, activity, and other lifestyle choices that can either raise or lower your blood sugars.• The Grocery List will help you shop for the best foods for your health, and the supplements you need, without forgetting anything. The foods that work against you …? Well, they’re purposely excluded from the list.The explanations of inexpensive supplements found in your nearest pharmacy or grocery store, their purposes and benefits, along with strengths and dosages, are

also included in a lively, fun-to-read format.

You’ll look and feel better than you did in your 20s … heal from the inside out… enjoy dancing and hiking again and eat some of the best meals you’ve ever en- joyed in your life!

If you’re serious about reversing your diabetes and being free of its complica- tions, that opportunity is available to you here. Today.

But PLEASE – don’t take my word for it…

Here’s what some other Diabetes Solution Kit customers are saying about their results…

One reader wrote to say…

“Since ordering the Diabetes Reversal Kit I have lost 20 lbs, and my blood sugar is now always below 100. Thank you so much for giving me a solution to use every day. I feel so much better, and look better, too. My doctor was amazed at my progress.

“The approach in the kit is at a very personal level and it’s very informative at the same time. You don’t get this level of attention from a doctor or a website and this is why I felt more empowered to achieve the most I could. I knew the what and why of my diabetes problem.”

– Robert Cohan

This reader says, ‘it puts you in the driver’s seat!’

“This program gives you control over your fate. It has simple and effective solutions to put you in the drivers seat! Now you know what can go wrong and how to stop the sugar rushes in their tracks! It can get you away from those pharmaceuticals faster. It gives you the tools to live smarter no matter where you are. You can still live a full life with friends and family, travel, business meetings, etc. and feel great while doing it! I liked the program so much, I shared it with my brother when he found out the devastating news! He now has the tools to handle it too!”

-Mary Ann Dorman

And another …

“The Diabetes kit is good, honest, and important information to get the body back on track and end dependence on medication.”


“I do not have any symptoms of diabetes…,” this reader reports:

“I believe in it. When I tried to lower my sugar 5 years ago without the “Diabetes Solution Kit”, I was not able to lower it below 120. I did it by removing some carbs from my diet and using supplements. This time with the kit, I can lower it to any level I want to even without supplements. However, I want to stay between 105 and 120, which I believe is my ideal sugar. From my mid-thirties to 5 years ago, my sugar was between 120 to 140 and at 71 years of age, I do not have any symptoms of diabetes. All my organs are in excellent condition, no high blood pressure, my vision is excellent (not wearing reading or distance glasses) and I am not taking any kind of medication.”

-Roger Caculitan

Now, there’s a little something I want to share… I mentioned before that I’d been dealing with high blood sugar, and was dangerously close to diabetes myself.

And I figured, why wait?
I took my brother’s terrible experience as a wake-up call.

I suspected I was pre-diabetic so I knew I was on a dangerous path that would most certainly lead to diabetes, unless I got it under control…

Yet, even with my nursing experience, I didn’t have a clear and easy-to-follow way to manage my weight and blood sugar. I didn’t have what I needed to stop my own progression to diabetes.

And the reason is just what you’re thinking … the medical world is focused on pharmaceuticals, rather than nutrition and natural remedies.

So when I found The Diabetes Solution Kit online, I followed the very same advice I’m giving you today. I ordered it for myself and followed the recommendations – I wouldn’t be recommending this to you unless I tried it


Let me tell you a little bit about my weight issues … I had gained and gained and gained over the last few years and watched my waist get wider and wider and wider. Even with my nursing experience I didn’t know how to stop this stubborn progression permanently. I tried and tried. And failed.

At 60 years old, I thought I was doomed to carry this midlife weight forever. But, thankfully, I was WRONG.

Here’s what happened to me when I began using the Diabetes Solution Kit…

I lost 10 lbs. and 2” in my waist the first 18 days. No medications, just the foods and supplements mentioned in the
Kit. My weight and waist have
continued to shrink as I live this new

healthy lifestyle.

I was so thrilled with the Kit, so inspired to try the tips and tricks I found in it, so relieved about how easy it is. And it IS.

Easy, painless, and practically free. This program gave me my health back…just as it will do for you.

Look – I’m no salesman … I’m not trying to convince you of anything. I’m just a retired Registered Nurse who found an amazing system for losing weight and reversing diabetes online. And I decided to tell as many people about it as I could.

If you have diabetes or love someone who does, you need to at least give this incredible system a try.

I gotta tell you – even at 60, I look better, feel better, and no longer worry about my blood sugar. And with no cravings for carbs and especially chocolate (that was always a tough one for me), it’s easy to make the best food choices.

The supplements are remarkably effective, and I’ve come to enjoy foods I never thought much of or downright hated!

And I can honestly tell you — these foods have changed my life.

This is a plan of pure success that shows you which foods optimize the reversal of diabetes, and which ones actually sabotage the process so you know exactly what to do and with which foods.

As you begin to see results and feel better by following this plan, you’ll find you

don’t want to eat anything to undo the good you’re doing your body.

You’ll thrill to watch your waist shrink as your energy shoots up, your skin clears up and glows with health, and your stamina holds solid and steady through the day so you have the energy to play with the kids, golf, garden, or anything else you want. Heck, even bend over to tie your shoes without sitting back to catch your breath.

You’ll learn the reason why fast-foods leave you feeling unsatisfied while causing your blood sugar to spike. And why the “right” foods leave you feeling nourished, satisfied, and no longer craving the blood sugar-spiking “wrong” foods that got you into trouble with diabetes in the first place.

Best of all – you won’t feel deprived and hungry!
For example, here’s how one specific food does exactly that:

You see, cells that resist insulin send your blood sugar up and leave you feeling tired and listless.

But cold-water salmon is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids that guard your heart against disease and erase the insulin resistance in your cells till they’re devour-

ing that glucose the way they should be.

Now check this out…

Blood sugar levels slashed in HALF!

Tony Power dropped his blood sugar by nearly half — amazingly in just one week — using the remedies in the Diabetes Solution Kit. I met Tony in an online forum

for folks with diabetes. Here is his unsolicited testimonial for The Diabetes Solu- tion Kit…

“The advice in this book is quite specific and has a phase 1 stage for a few weeks then a phase 2 stage. Phase 1 requires you to limit carb intake to 20g/day. I am achieving this eating eggs and sometimes bacon for breakfast, tasty salads for lunch, and fish or meat (pack of cards size on the plate) along with vegetables at night.

“Last Wednesday when I started, to today, my blood sugar has read as follows: – 190 / 184 / 160 / 137 / 103 / 90 / 85 this morning. I continue taking my prescribed meds and I also now take cinnamon (140g) and chromium picolinate (500mcg) as also recommended by this Diabetes Solution Kit program (with some multivitamins.) I avoid eating bread, potatoes, all flour based products, as well as a specific list of other items that are defined in this program.

“Bottom line, the results are very positive for me…I am looking forward to moving to phase 2 of the program after 1 more week of stable blood sugar levels. Maybe this can help others as well.”

Isn’t that astounding? In a week his blood sugars dropped from 190 to 85. Just from following this easy and fun program

Best of all those levels will stabilize, as long as he stays with the program. It’s so liberating to suddenly find that diabetes can’t destroy you … and keep you down after wrestling with the effects of this now powerless disease for years, simply because of the foods and supplements that equip your body to metabolize glucose.

Even better news, the Diabetes Solution Kit doesn’t cost anywhere near the ridiculous cost of even one medical treatment for diabetes.

In fact…

This is the most affordable way you’ll ever find to properly manage your di- abetes and finally have the ability to reverse it

Let me put this cost business into perspective for you … when my daughter was 6 years old, she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. We attended a program at

the children’s hospital downtown. It included education about blood sugar control, diabetes meal planning by a registered dietitian, exercise counseling, and emo- tional support.

This is literally the same information Barton Publishing has worked hard to include in The Diabetes Solution Kit.

Now, the program to help my daughter manage her diabetes was expensive: $5000/month. That’s $60,000 per year, for 16 years straight! Thankfully insur- ance paid for it.

But, Barton Publishing is dedicated to bringing you this lifesaving information at a too-good-to-be-true price … because they’re dedicated to helping people like you and me and they refuse to let something like money stand in the way of excellent health.

If you’re serious about treating the root cause of diabetes. If you’re ready to put down the needles for good. And if you’re truly sick of being a slave to the Main- stream Medical system that has no intention of curing you, then you’d better step up to the plate and at least try the Diabetes Solution Kit today – because it’s completely risk-free.

Now here’s the deal…

The Diabetes Solution Kit is regularly $58.97 – a great price considering all it does for you…

But because they want you to feel good about picking up your copy … be- cause they want to help connect you to these life-changing remedies as soon as possible … and because they believe in you’re ability to success- fully reverse YOUR diabetes, they’ve authorized me to give it all to you at a very special, deeply discounted, amazingly low price.

This discount is extremely limited. Once they reach a certain amount of orders they’re going to restore the original cost of $58.97 without warning.

Just click the Add to Cart Button below and you can lock in your discount- ed price of just $19.97 today…

Get it today for ONLY $19.97

And this is not some watered down version that teases the remedies – it’s the real-deal, full-blown copy that normally sells for $58.97.

Let me remind you what all that includes:

The Diabetes Reversal Guide Natural Remedies for Diabetes The Low Blood Sugar Cookbook Your Carb Counting Cheat Sheet

Your Personal Meal and Exercise Planner Grocery List

If that’s not enough, it also comes with a 100% money back guarantee!

They actually want you to review it all with no risk and no obligation for one full year — try it for yourself. If it’s not everything I say it is and you don’t reverse

your diabetes over the course of the next year, simply call or send them an email for a FULL and courteous refund the instant they hear from you.

Remember The Diabetes Solution Kit gives you the power to actually reverse your diabetes simply by following the advice, tips, and tricks this program offers. With your Diabetes Solution Kit…

  • You could quickly watch your blood sugar safely fall to a normal level – as much as 100 points in a week…
  • Normalize your blood pressure and cholesterol…
  • Watch the insulin-resistance in your cells fade away…
  • You’ll have more energy, more stamina, and have healthier, clearer skin
  • Watch your waist shrink smaller and smaller, and feel younger than you’ve feltin years…

Plus so much more!

Come join the thousands of us – happy, satisfied customers who tried this pro- gram and agree across the board it has changed our lives.

And when you agree to take your copy of the Diabetes Solution Kit today, for just $19.97, you don’t even have to wait for it to come to your door – it’s available for instant download the second you complete your order!

So why would you wait?

I asked myself that question, and decided I needed to take action now. And I’m so glad I did. Instead of still feeling worried and guilty about my ever-increasing weight and waist size, I’m feeling better, my blood sugar is improving radically, my extra weight is disappearing, and my waist is shrinking back to normal.

All because of this remarkably effective, scientifically proven program that has been life-changing for so many others like me. With so many success stories, in- cluding my own, you’d think this program would be expensive.

In all honesty – it should be … you can’t put a price on your precious life.

And I’m sure you can agree that $58.97 is a handsome bargain to save your life … but if you take advantage right NOW and get in before they close this special deal, you can take it all for a measly $19.97 – truly a STEAL!

And remember, when you order NOW and try The Diabetes Solution Kit you’re not buying it, but trying it out for the next year at no obligation whatsoever. Be- cause Barton Publishing stands behind everything they sell.

If you see no results at all, if you don’t like the food suggestions, heck – even if you have no reason at all over the next 365 days just let them know and they’ll quickly provide you with a prompt and courteous complete 100% refund of every penny.

Did I ask for a refund?
No – it really works. So how do I know?

Listen to what customer Don Beckers said about Barton’s refund process:


Thank you very much. What a hassle-free and timely refund and response, almost unheard of these days.”

I began this important presentation sharing the story of my family’s terror over my brother and his out-of-control diabetes.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help others just like you with this horrible disease. I would never want you or anybody else to go through that nightmare … so avoid all that pain, suffering, and risk and grab your copy oft he Diabetes So- lution Kit NOW.

Thankfully, I found Joe Barton and his product that really works…
Together, we’re not focused on the problem—we’re focused on the solution.

I agreed to get the word out about this Diabetes Solution Kit because it worked for me and it can work for you too.

Do NOT let yourself go through the terror my brother Dan did … reverse this dis- ease with the help of the Diabetes Solution Kit for yourself and for your family who loves you so much.

Now it’s up to you to take action immediately.

The Diabetes Solution Kit Now

Did you order?

Ok, so maybe you’re still on the fence about The Diabetes Solution Kit from Barton Pub- lishing. I can understand that, and have no intention of applying any pressure at all.

But the only reason I can think of that you’d not order now at such a remarkably low price that’s scheduled to expire is that you’re not sure what I’ve been saying is true. Be- cause if you have diabetes, and suffer from the difficulties that go with it, you feel like the rest of us do.

You’d LOVE to get rid of this vicious and progressive disease. You don’t want to die of an unexpected heart attack any more than the rest of us. You don’t want to leave your family unsupported and without hope. You don’t want to be crippled by neuropathy or foot and leg infections.

If you’re like the rest of us, you do really want to be healthy, happy, and free to live out your life enjoying the things you love to do, and having fun with your family.

Remember, I’m not asking you to say yes to making even the low investment of $19 in your life-long health today — only to putting it down as a no-risk, no-obligation deposit…

$19.97 – To secure your health and wellbeing
$19.97 – To secure the future of your family’s welfare

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So now it’s your move. Go ahead and request your copy of The Diabetes Solu- tion Kit today.

The Diabetes Solution Kit NOW!



Fundraising Letter


Paul Matsangaise Ministries, INC


Dear FirstName,


A 24 year-old mother holds her child, unable to comfort him, as he whimpers with hunger.     She has no money, but if she did, there is no food on the shelves at the grocery store.  

Military personnel walk the streets and drive by in convoys, not to help and serve, but to torture and kill those who don’t comply.   The mother fights the hopelessness she feels…wishes death would bring release to her and her child.

A minister and his wife welcome any who would find refuge in their home.  They share their last sudza…the corn mash that is their daily sustenance….with all those who are hungry.  

They have children of their own, but like the poor widow who gave her last flour and last oil to the prophet of God, and it never ran out for her, this couple just keeps trusting God with their humble provisions, trusting His faithfulness to protect them  and to continue to provide for them.

The 24 year-old mother, with baby tied to her back, hears of the minister and his wife, and the provisions they share, and finds her way to their home.   It is a long walk…and she gets lost more than once…but eventually, she finds it, almost as if she was being directed there by an unseen force.  

When she knocks at the door, a woman opens it with a warm and compassionate expression on her face.   She introduces herself as Winnie.    She is the minister’s wife.   And they are preparing a meal for all who are present.


The mother comes into the home, where she finds an atmosphere of love and warmth and support and acceptance.   No judgment.   No selfishness.   No hatred.   Just love.  She is given a task in the kitchen and with baby on back, sets about helping to prepare this meal with these remarkable people.   

She didn’t even ask if they had food.  She didn’t ask if she could barter for a meal.  They just embrace her and make her part of the team….   she has never met people like this before.

The minister prays over the meal, as the people present vocally agree.   Then they share all they have with all at the table.   She eats eagerly of the satisfying sudza, and drinks deeply of the clean water from the well.   She can almost feel her body making milk as she eats.   Those gathered speak of the Lord, of His love…of His faithfulness.  

She asks who they are talking about..?    And they gently explain the story of Jesus, the Son of God, who came to earth and was born as a baby, grew to manhood and shared His love with all around..  Then died on a cross.   But that wasn’t the end.  

He rose from the dead and had contact with all his friends.  Then ascended to heaven.   They explain that He had done all this because He loved HER.   And the little baby on her back.  That it was His Spirit that led her safely to their home to ensure that she and her child lived.

She breaks down, weeping at such a God….Who would care for her this way.   And she asks that they pray with her, to accept this wonderful Savior into her heart and life.

She asks what she can do for her new Savior.   They tell her that the minister is an evangelist, who travels to other towns in Zimbabwe, and holds crusades, to help others find Jesus as she has.   She is then invited to go along, and tell her story, and help with caring for the thousands of people who will attend.   She eagerly accepts.

The following week, they drive to a city six hours away, and the team sets about erecting the stage, sound system and lights.   The people begin to arrive….by the thousands.   Some come in buses, some in cars and trucks.  Some on foot.   But they come and come and come.   

At last count, there were 20,000 present.    Some had travelled far, others only about a day’s journey.   Some needed water to drink…so she dipped water for them.   She had never seen so many people in one place before.

Later, the service begins, and this man, this evangelist, speaks with fire in his heart.   The massive crowd of people listen as if his words hold the hope that will save their lives.   They listen.   They cry.   They pray.   They sing.   And they give their lives to the God he tells them about.  

This young mother prays with as many as she can reach, so they will have a personal touch in this mass of people.   All of the others who came with the team do the same.   Many surge forward so the man of God will pray for them with his own hands and heart.

And when it was over, she knows that she will never, ever be the same person she had been.   She has gone from hopelessness to hope, walking death to LIFE;  she has been given the gift of life and hope and eternity, then has been allowed to give the same to others.  

As the sun is coming up…she finds a quiet place under a tree near the stage, and puts her whimpering baby to her breast.   He nurses hungrily, happily; and gurgles as he drinks in the abundance of life her own body offers him.   And as he is burping on her shoulder, she offers her thanks for all God has done for her…and for this amazing man of God who has brought her the hope she had lost. +

Paul Matsangaise is a friend to many and is also the bringer of hope and life to multitudes in his beloved Zimbabwe.   He lives among his people, lives in the political and economic instability that has defined this country for years.   The hardship faced by Paul, his family and all his countrymen is only exceeded by his faith in God and HIs provision. 

The money that it takes to hold a successful crusade such as the one mentioned in the account above, has to come from outside this war-torn country.   It is estimated that 75% of the population of Zimbabwe suffer with AIDS, and children are being orphaned daily by that disease alone.  

Paul lives to reach them while they are alive, to bring them the hope of salvation and peace in their hearts as they go forward into eternity.   Many are healed in his services and throw away crutches, wheel chairs, and prosthetics.

Jesus said, “As you do it unto the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me.”

As you look around at the abundance in your life, in spite of bills that we all have to pay, consider that you may be able to let go of a small amount of money that can be multiplied in the Master’s hand.   One hundred people, each giving $30.00 a month, can provide $3000.00 each month for crusades.   That is one dinner for two, one time a month in the United States.

Imagine going to the store and never finding food on the shelf?    What do you do?    The need and struggle in Zimbabwe is so far beyond the needs and struggles of the poorest American, it is hard for us to imagine.

Still, Paul Matsangaise, through his ministry, is working daily to bring hope again to his countrymen.

Please open your heart and send $30.00 or more, or whatever you are able to send, to this ministry that touches so many, many lives and increases the size of the kingdom of God on a daily basis.   A monthly contribution will make all the difference in what this ministry can accomplish.

“And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”


God bless you and return to you 100-fold for everything you give into His kingdom.


In His Service,


Wanda Ragsdale

Paul Matsangaise Ministries, INC