Skyrocket Revenues like the 4th of July

Independence Day is coming…the 4th of July.  Hamburgers, hotdogs, home made ice cream. Picnics and a blanket on the ground. Playing in the water. Then the hot sun dips behind the horizon and the sky grows darker and darker… everyone gathers on their blankets at the water’s edge, eating refreshments from their picnic baskets.

A band finally begins to play The National Anthem…and the sounds waft over the water as the crowd turns their eyes to the sky.

Suddenly there’s a BOOM! and a rocket shoots up into the sky leaving a trail of red sparks, then explodes into a fountain of color.  The fireworks display has begun.

For the next 45 minutes, oooohs and aaaaahs rise from the crowd followed by applause.

In the US, this is the day we celebrate our freedom as a country, and its as traditional as Thanksgiving. It’s what we do.  It’s part of being an American in the summertime.

Those rockets are amazing.  Their trail into the sky is small…but they suddenly explode into a beautiful display that fills the night sky.

But…wait a minute.

What if that display was not a firework made in China, but was your monthly revenues from your website?

What if your revenues started shooting straight up, then exploding beyond your dreams or expectations?

Sound good?

If your website content is missing the elements that drive conversions and escalate revenues, you may need to take action. It takes two primary elements to ignite that change: Keyword phrases used in pairs and strategically placed on each page, and potent persuasive content that converts visitors to buyers.  Both are necessary for success and you can’t succeed with one and not the other.

Your best hope for getting those two elements incorporated into your website, is to hire a SEO copywriter to do it for you, following the industry’s best practices. We know what the search engines want to see, and we work the content to get the most powerful and compelling message across to your prospect.

Sometimes, there are things that you need to leave to the experts. You can shoot off black cats and sparklers yourself, but you better leave those skyrockets that light up the sky to those who know how to handle them safely.  The potential power of your website should be entrusted to experts, too.  So you’ll get the highest returns and multiplied revenues.

Call or email us today.  We work for your success.



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