Why’s it so hard…?

What a great idea! ASK your audienceWhy’s It So Hard to Get Your Share? 

What’s Up with that?

You write your blog, post on social media, get lots of followers… but the referrals stink. I mean like a constipated skunk…they stink.

What do you do to knock down the road block? Move the sludge and get “things” flowing again…?

In his book, ASK, Ryan Levesque talks about the importance of finding out what your audience wants …needs…really wishes for…but doesn’t know how to put their finger on it. He talks about why we need to provide a survey asking questions that have more than a “yes or no” answer…but questions that draw out their desires and pain… to the point that they pour their hearts out to you in the survey.

Eureka! If you don’t know what they want…just ask!  Who’d a thunk it?  And if they don’t know what they want, give them a chance to describe it!

Why is this so hard??  Why haven’t we been doing it all along…? 

Take a hard look at your website and strategy to get referrals: A visitor lands on your site and what do they see?  Articles, blogs, services?  Do they see a place to at least opt-in? You need the opt-in so you can continue to nurture them over time. They opt-in to your list. And you can keep talking to, teaching, and encouraging your list.

If your site isn’t building a list, it’s not earning it’s keep.

So start there. Make it next to impossible for a visitor to arrive at your site without offering his email. Second, show him how you can help him through your information.

Next, send a survey to your list of opt-ins and ASK them what they want…to be better at their job and in their relationships.

Then…the most spectacular revelation of all…. create products, like books and courses,  that fulfill that desire. You can sell those products or give them as a relationship builder. Think they’ll be interested in them?  Of COURSE they will! Because you developed the product to their own personal specifications!

Brilliant?  Of COURSE it is!!

So…hello…???? what are you waiting for?  Don’t just sit there staring at your screen…Start asking…!!!!  Don’t wait, don’t dawdle, don’t fool around … ASK!

**And if this sounds complicated…or doesn’t seem to work for you, let me know.  I can get it going for you. O’Cavan Copywriters specializes in this stuff. ;-D

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