What Can a Mental Health Industry Copywriter do for Me?

Mental health providers have a broad range of challenges that are as diverse as their services.  From CBT to DBT,  talk therapy to shock therapy, and from group therapy to private counseling to CE seminars and workshops,  the challenges seem to grow daily.  The world we live in provides conveniences while also creating new maladies and stressors for everyone… accompanied by yet more problems to solve all the time.

But there is something that is important to every aspect of this industry.

Relationship marketing.

Whether you are a social worker in a hospital, a counselor, or a psychologist consultant,  you need your target market not only interested, but loyal to you and your services. People struggle and need your help.  And to give them the help they need, they need to know how to find you.

While marketing can be as big and complicated as a television, cell phone and billboard campaign, it can also be as simple as the message of your website and the communication between you and your prospective clients.

To build this loyalty, you need a mental health copywriter providing ongoing, improved website-message development, interaction with your target audience and relationship-building that keeps your target prospects watching you for more, and remembering you when they come to need your help.

The competition in this industry can be overwhelming, unless your client base has their eye on you, preferring your approach over the multitude of other providers they find on the internet.

That connection isn’t easy to come by, but is available to you through the expertise of a mental health copywriter who understands relationships are built over time with consistent solution-driven communication, and a focus on the needs of the prospective client.

So…what am I talking about? How does this relationship development come about?

It starts with a website that’s professional, user-friendly…captivating visually and  in its message… and optimized for the search engines through things like keyword phrases carefully researched and worked into persuasive content… as well as links- all of which result in ranking at the top of the search results. This is what SEO is all about.

Once that’s in place, the next step is contact.

There’s a long list of prospects who need what you offer but may not realize you offer it. OR…they may not realize yours is a better choice than some others that are out there.  That’s where I come in.

As your mental health marketing consultant, I’ll analyze your website for you, determine what’s needed to make it most accessible to your target audience, and bring it up to the standard needed to get their attention.

Next, we’ll employ an email management system such as MailChimp or AWeber and install a widget on your site to collect email addresses. I’ll write a report or ebook that your prospects will want to read and will clamor to get free, which will be offered to them when they type in their email address.

Voila…you have a mailing list.

Next, I’ll write auto-responders which will be sent to them in groups of 5 or 7 or 9.  They’ll receive one every few days, and will begin to look forward to the fascinating stories in each one.

Each story-based email will draw their interest…and hook them… to keep reading through to the end, where they’ll feel compelled to click on the link they’ll find there.

That link will connect them to your landing page where we can sell them on your book, seminar or counseling service and they’ll have the opportunity to buy, order or make an appointment.

That part’s up to you.

Every month or two we’ll change these auto-responders so your prospects will grow to know you…get acquainted with your nature, your values and your attitude about client services…through the communication I write. You won’t have to write a word, unless you want to.  Because as your copywriter,  I’ll write all this in your voice.

Sound easy?

It is!!

And it will also drive your revenues up, higher and higher….while you just keep doing what you’re doing…tending to the needs of your clients.

In addition to auto-responders, there are other things like newsletters, case studies and white papers that can be written to familiarize your prospects with you, your services and all you make available to them.

Bottom-line, it’s communication.

Increased communication tends to make relationships stronger… in business as much as in any other corner of life. Communication builds trust.  And people like to do business with those they know, like and trust.



Don’t let another day go by leaving those relationships to manage themselves.

As a mental health copywriter, helping you build stronger business relationships through improved communication is what I do.

Email me today.    Cyndee@Ocavancopy.com



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