Why’s it so hard…?

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What a great idea! ASK your audience

Why’s It So Hard to Get Your Share?  What’s Up with that? You write your blog, post on social media, get lots of followers… but the referrals stink. I mean like a constipated skunk…they stink. What do you do to knock down the road block? Move the sludge and get “things” flowing again…? In his [...]

Psychiatry is NOT for Looney Tunes

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Psychiatry is not for Looney Tunes

An archaic stigma has hung over our culture since the Dark Ages that perpetrates the myth that anyone who sees a psychiatrist belongs in an ‘asylum.’ However, not only is asylum an extinct concept, but so is the idea that only the insane need a psychiatrist. As a culture, we need to band together to [...]

What Can a Mental Health Industry Copywriter do for Me?

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Mental health providers have a broad range of challenges that are as diverse as their services.  From CBT to DBT,  talk therapy to shock therapy, and from group therapy to private counseling to CE seminars and workshops,  the challenges seem to grow daily.  The world we live in provides conveniences while also creating new maladies [...]

Skyrocket Revenues like the 4th of July

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Independence Day is coming…the 4th of July.  Hamburgers, hotdogs, home made ice cream. Picnics and a blanket on the ground. Playing in the water. Then the hot sun dips behind the horizon and the sky grows darker and darker… everyone gathers on their blankets at the water’s edge, eating refreshments from their picnic baskets. A [...]

Case Study-30% Revenue Increase after SEO work

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Case Study Catering Biz Increases Revenues 30% in Recession   Company Background Started in Chef Kathleen Francis’s kitchen, Extreme Cuisine Catering began as a small and personal venture that was met with interest by a hungry university community whose population was 650,000. Chef Matt Fairchild joined her as partner later that year, and they enjoyed [...]

Marketing During Recession

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Using the Recession to ‘Fertilize’ Your Business Growth The One Thing you Must Do Now to Increase Your Business Post-Recession     Economic recession is a time of tremendous business opportunity for those who are situated to take the necessary steps to benefit.  Conversely, those who neglect growth when times are tough, payer a tougher [...]

*First Read This Special Report!

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Is Your Website Lazy? How to Get That Expensive Website to Work for You and Multiply Your Revenue in 5 Easy Steps   This is the Age of Technology.  From our phones we surf the internet, shop for whatever we want, and pay bills. In this age, if you don’t have a website, you aren’t [...]

Like High Efficiency Laundry Detergent

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If you have used one of those “he” laundry detergents, you know that they’re more effective than the regular stuff.  You don’t use a lot.  The cap on the bottle, which is also your measuring device, is smaller than normal, to make sure you don’t overdo it.  The machine is more efficient, and the detergent [...]