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We’d like to introduce ourselves.

We’re a Team of Three Professional Mental Health Copywriters,

Trained and Certified by American Writers and Artists.

Our whole purpose is your success.

Diagnostic website review

If your website is not bringing you the revenues or client referrals you had hoped, let’s talk about it. We can do a website analysis and see what your website is doing right …and where it’s missing opportunities.  It may need to be optimized using SEO content with strategically placed keyword phrases and links to improve ranking with the search engines. Once that’s in place, visitors to your site can see it at the top of the search results when they search Google for your specialty.

After that, it may be that the messages on your website aren’t compelling enough, and need some adjustment to incite the reader to take the action you want him to take. If you aren’t gaining clients as quickly as you had hoped, let’s talk about ways to  improve that. Your website should be your primary source of gathering clients. That comes when you build client relationships with them through emails, newsletters, and auto-responders. You’ll be amazed what a difference frequent contact through these tools can make for your client relationships, your client loyalty,  and, in turn, your revenues.

We live in an age where relationship is key.  It’s key in all aspects of life. The internet has become a primary hotspot for building relationships, and people expect to have business relationships nurtured just like any other.  We help you gain the leverage that loyal clients provide. As a mental health services provider, your clients want to have a connection of trust with you. We can help you build that bond of trust by building client relationships.

Cyndee Davis is Senior Writer and Principal of O'Cavan mental health copywriters

Cyndee Davis – Prior to her life as a writer, Cyndee worked in hospitals and clinics as an RN.   A holistic view of her client’s needs and an innate understanding of human behavior are second nature to her as a result. As Principal and Senior Writer of the O’Cavan group, these intuitive skills are called upon daily while she crafts words to persuade and provoke action (through SEO content) in the reader…and promote through-the-roof profits for her clients. Cyndee is a relationship buff, and savors opportunities to help others build stronger relationships in both their personal and business connections.

Merrisa Davis, proof reader, photography, mental health copywriter





Merrisa Davis – Merrisa is our ‘detail’ person.  She is hyper-tuned to punctuation, grammar and clarity.  She plays the role of martial law over the details in every project.  Her highly-focused attention to detail and adherence to schedule benefits every piece of SEO copy she writes for you.  In addition, she serves as our Team Photographer, providing a variety of beautiful images to promote your practice.  She’s also a trained EMT, which enhances her perspective for healthcare issues.

Clare Rushing, mental health copywriter on the O'Cavan team





Clare Rushing – The newest member of our O’Cavan team, Clare is a talented and accomplished artist and mental health copywriter. She has the ability to make the most complicated concepts melt in the reader’s proverbial mouth. Clare’s expertise shines in explanations of diagnoses and treatments, communicating with the lay reader through informative articles and  blog postings. Her art is a new service we can now offer our clients for unique and original headers on the Home page or for images throughout.  These unique illustrations are an asset to ghost-written books for the mental health providers we serve.

Jeremy Thomas – Jeremy is the creative force of our team, embodied in the writer who has the sales experience, the humor and the knack to sell a refrigerator to a polar bear.  Without him, we aren’t really very interesting.  With him, we write killer SEO copy that converts. Here’s one of Jeremy’s mantras, a quote by George Gribbin: “A writer should be joyous, an optimist…anything that implies rejection of life is wrong for a writer. ” That empowered attitude drives his work every day.

UPDATE:  Our wonderful colleague and family member, Jeremy Thomas, suffered for 30 years with bipolar disorder. In spite of 20 years of treatment by psychiatrists and psychotherapists, his illness continued to progress markedly in the last two years. Jeremy was faithful to take his medication and had the support of family to keep it on schedule. On May 5, 2012, after 2 1/2 weeks of unrelenting mania, Jeremy died quietly in the woods he had come to enjoy. He was 33. Though the coroner ruled his death was by natural causes, she admitted it was clearly the result of exhaustion, dehydration, lack of sleep and low blood pressure. Those of us who knew him closely, knew it was the result of his bipolar illness. In 30 years, he was never able to find effective treatment and he became so weary.  

We miss him. We miss what he added to our team. But, we also are glad for his peace and relief from torment.  

We’re writers for the mental health industry because of our love for Jeremy, and our understanding and compassion for what he went through.  He was brilliant, creative, talented, humorous, caring, and loving.  We’re also compassionate for the families of those who suffer from mental illness, and highly respect the providers in the mental health industry who provide treatment and hope for those who suffer. We’re very grateful to all those who worked with Jeremy through the years to help him heal.  

CEO, Cody O'Cavan from the Emerald Isle
Cody O’Cavan – The man, the myth, the legend.  A soft-coated wheaton terrier with roots in the Emerald Isle, Cody was rescued by our own Jeremy Thomas from the Gainesville Pet Rescue Shelter in Gainesville, FL.  His Irish heritage, which is shared with our own, won him the name of the county in Ireland whence our family history began. Being a man of peace and kindness, full of mystery and beauty, Cody is the inspiration for our copywriting business, and the Chairman of our Board.



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