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New Client Website Questionnaire and Worksheet






What is your primary goal for your new website? Did you know that a well-written website with an appealing design can be your best source of client referrals? What do you want the visitor to your website to do? Click? Call for appt? Email? Sign up for a free report?

Do you have a logo? If so, please email it to us.

If you don't have a logo, have you considered having one designed? A logo gives the visitor to your website a way to remember you…one more element to stick in his head. Think about your idea for the best logo for your business…and sketch it here. If you'd like us to have one designed, we're glad to do that for you. Logo design tends to cost between 200-500. Describe your ideas below:

Describe your "ideal client." (Age, gender, annual income, marital status, hobbies, family, spare time pleasure, greatest pain and concern)

What is your message to your ideal client? Do you have a tagline?

What impression do you want to give your ideal client in the first 5 seconds of viewing your website?

What is your specialty ? or niche?

What do you consider the primary resistance factors your reader will feel about making an appointment for your services?

Do you have testimonials for your services and successes?

Do you want potential clients to call or email or both?

Do you accept insurance?

What services do you offer?

What tone do you prefer that your website convey? Friendly & warm, professional & detached, compassionate, clinical…

Write a message to your ideal client in your own words… to give an example of your voice.

Do you have pictures you'd like to use on your website? (Be sure that any pictures are owned by you through purchase or because you snapped them yourself.) Also, show some symbolic pictures you'd like to use to illustrate concepts, such as freedom, balance, fear, etc. We have a library of purchased images we'll also be glad to make available to you for your site for a small fee. Describe the types of pictures you do like on a website and those you don't.

Do you have content that's already written for your website pages? Do you prefer we write them for you? (If you have content, we'll still need to optimize it for the search engines and for conversions. We'll talk more about that. Fees are based on whether we create the content and optimize it, or if you create the content and we optimize it.)

Which of the following pages do you envision on your new website? Home, About Us, Services, Our Philosophy of Therapy, Modalities of Therapy We Use, Resources, Fees and Insurance, Scheduling and Appointments, Privacy Policy, Contact and Location, Diagnoses we treat, Informative Articles, Blog.

Have you prepared a budget for building and optimizing your professional website? Do you mind sharing it with us so we can try to create a package for you within your budget?

To give you an idea for planning, an average website usually has around 7 or so pages and costs around $3000-5000, depending on the amount of custom work, graphic design, content creation, logo design, etc. We can develop a plan that's specifically suited to you and your budget.