Pricing is flexible, depending on the amount of research, travel, meetings, etc we anticipate will be required to complete project.   However, before a project begins, we will come to a complete agreement about all aspects of the project costs, and will sign an agreement.   You can be confident there will be no surprises.   In addition, we will adhere to the time frame agreed upon before the project begins.

We typically ask for a 50% deposit before the project begins, and will invoice you for the balance upon completion.  However, if this arrangement creates a problem in your corporate culture, please let us know and we may be able to  make adjustments.



SEO optimized website  $2800-6000      
Basic: 5 page Website with Content $1800
No SEO, your photos, graphics not included
Optimized: SEO optimized content, includes images $3100
Platinum: 5 primary pages plus secondary $5000
pages, images, SEO content, search engine report,
graphics included, 4 blog posts  

Direct response fundraising and sales letters may also include a 2-3%  gross commission.  In those cases, the exact commission is included in the contract and finalized before signing.

The above fees are current as of May 7, 2015.  This list is for guidelines only.   Each project is proposed upon its own demands and requirements, as well as your budget.

Contact Us now for questions or negotiations.